The Auction

Two men from the stand marched down the stairs, carrying the crate into the parting crowd. Everyone rotated, in turn, and watched the men as the sea of people parted, swallowing the men up, gaping. The wave continued until the men stopped in front of Olivia. She didn’t move.

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Family Time

The last terror any American family could imagine, but this family is prepared. The question remains as to if there are situations of which the ending cannot be predicted. The alarm screamed through the neighborhood alerting everyone within a naked mile with a high-pitched wail of the war invading our town. Within seconds, the only light […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly

A stranger’s voice crept out of my throat in a raspy whisper. “Oh my God,” the sound edged out of the depths of a mother who didn’t really want to know, “Who did this to you?” I wanted her to tell me it was a joke, and then I could tell her I changed my mind about Fluffy. I would have said “yes” for this to be a prank.

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Turn Up the Crazy!

“Just who do you think you are?” the woman’s voice sounded panicked and desperate as she whispered in my ear. “Whoever you are, you didn’t come prepared.” In my twenties, lying face down on the sandy brown and white Berber carpet of the living room, the woman on my back dug her knees into my […]

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Virginity to the Apocalypse

Although I enjoy allowing my imagination occasional free reign of my writing as a way of escape, I can honestly say the value I generally have in science fiction typically doesn’t fall into stories such as Virginity to the Apocalypse. However, my firm belief is growth stems from experiments, trial and error. My hope is […]

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What’s a Mother to do?

“Chase, open the door!” I hate when he goes into the bathroom with his cell phone. In a one-bathroom house, a teen boy cannot disappear behind the door and be expected to be seen within half an hour. “Just a minute,” the answer comes back tainted with a barbed tongue. “I barely got in here, […]

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The Pretender

The pain wasn’t the problem as much as the lack of it. The lack of everything for a while. Vision, hearing, all of my senses are dull, and by the time I grasp what’s happening, everyone had gone back to their lives. Even the man who had clobbered me in the side of the head […]

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