The Apartment

With my arms full of groceries, I circle round the door and give it a hefty kick with my foot behind me. The light switch on the wall proves to be a real pain in the butt to turn on with my hands full, but my elbow works perfectly. I stop. Something isn’t right. An […]

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Are You Game?

In our minds, humans tend to play the cat and mouse game by trying to out-guess what their opponents throw their way in order to stay on top. Sometimes the opponent isn’t an unfair employer, a road-raged driver, or a stuck up snob from the PTA. When the one adversary is herself, a mother’s game […]

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Another Means of Discipline

“Who’s been into the god damned graham crackers?” my father screams from the top of his lungs in the kitchen. The resounding “not me” rings one at a time from all four of my siblings. With me being the oldest at home, I am sure his attention will focus on me, and I am right. […]

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Kid Sister

Once in a while when we grow up, despite where we are in the chain of command, we stop and realize there was a great disruption, and the birthing order didn’t really take precedence all the time. This story is one of those, and although the events taking place in this piece are purely fictitious […]

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