The Neighbors

Ever since the new neighbors moved in upstairs, my kids and I haven’t had but two solid nights of sleep. They moved in nearly three months ago and seem to agree on less as time progresses. I’d never seen them, but judging from their footfalls I’d guess it was Alice the Goon from the old […]

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Segregation Ends Here

I’ll never forget my mother’s last words to me as I left for school that morning. She referred to the debate the day before, when the United States President reminded us that we are all brothers and sisters, saying “Being different can mean long or short hair, freckles or not. Our differences are what create […]

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Cat and Mouse

A typical Thursday afternoon, I drove the car home with my 10-year-old daughter singing to the rhythm and rhymes of Trolls’ soundtrack. She insisted on singing duet-style with her role as Anna Kendrick, leaving me with the tenor portion of Justin Timberlake. If it was a romance song, I’d have to think twice, but this […]

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The Auction

Two men from the stand marched down the stairs, carrying the crate into the parting crowd. Everyone rotated, in turn, and watched the men as the sea of people parted, swallowing the men up, gaping. The wave continued until the men stopped in front of Olivia. She didn’t move.

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Family Time

The last terror any American family could imagine, but this family is prepared. The question remains as to if there are situations of which the ending cannot be predicted. The alarm screamed through the neighborhood alerting everyone within a naked mile with a high-pitched wail of the war invading our town. Within seconds, the only light […]

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Now and Then

The coolness of the morning air invades my throat and leaks down into my lungs, giving a strange sense of freedom. The stuffy place we live in doesn’t allow for clean air, as there’s only one place for air to come in or escape—our singular door. Some mornings the dense air in our neighborhood causes […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly

A stranger’s voice crept out of my throat in a raspy whisper. “Oh my God,” the sound edged out of the depths of a mother who didn’t really want to know, “Who did this to you?” I wanted her to tell me it was a joke, and then I could tell her I changed my mind about Fluffy. I would have said “yes” for this to be a prank.

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